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Garden furniture is beautiful, conservation is also very important

Release date:2017-09-25
Upon completion of the overall design of the garden, we will begin to have a corresponding set of furniture. With the community's demand for gardens, the market offers a wide selection of outdoor furniture. The selection of a large number of outdoor furniture can not only beautify the environment, highlight style, but also make people more comfortable to enjoy the garden scenery.

The impact of outdoor furniture on the design of the garden style is beyond doubt. Can be icing on the cake, but also can break the bad overall design. Therefore, many conditional friends will order a suite of furniture according to their own style.

After such a huge cost, we need to know how to conserve. Generally in the outdoor furniture to moistureproof, moisture-proof, but also solid, not easy to destroy. Wood, rattan iron and steel are popular choices. These products generally have long service life, and proper maintenance can prolong the furniture's use time.

Wooden furniture, rattan conservation

General wood rattan bamboo products are in the manufacturing process after drying anticorrosion, derived from natural green and natural color, very suitable for use in the garden.

Product processing is not easy to change color, with mildew, pest control, anti-corrosion effect, so most people's first choice. The drawback is that time is long, furniture will be affected by the environmental climate, high temperature will make furniture easy to crack, so it is best to use this kind of furniture in the dry and ventilated environment, avoid direct sunlight.

The humid climate will make the furniture Shengchong moldy bacteria need to clean regularly, so proper nursing is necessary, cleaning with water or saline wipe clean, to be dried properly coated with a layer of varnish to protect.

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